• Comment on Dewart's Language and Religion

      Catan, John; The College at Brockport (1972-01-01)
      Professor Dewart’s thesis is every bit as much a metaphysical view as the one that he opposes. It is also unfalsifiable.
    • Language and Religion

      Dewart, Leslie; University of Toronto (1972-01-01)
      Throughout much of the history of western philosophy, philosophers have assumed that speech is an outward sign of an inner, mental experience. However, in recent times, this assumption has been replaced by a growing realization that language plays a more active role in shaping our experience of reality. This realization opens up the possibility of a resolution of the apparent conflict between science and religion, through a transformation of the language that we use in relating to reality.
    • Linguistic Relativity: A Response to Professor Dewart

      Smith, Jr., Henry Lee; State University of New York at Buffalo (1972-01-01)
      Language defines our experience. We receive impressions of the world through the distorting lenses of our linguistic systems, and we also project relationships that are not already there in the world. Thus, it is true that we can gain new insight into science and religion if we attend to our language. We can even hope for a future integration of the two.