• Alcibiades and the Politics of Rumor in Thucydides

      Reeve, C.D.C.; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (2011-01-01)
      This is a story about Alcibiades, about Athens, and about the politics of rumor. When rumor set its claws into Alcibiades, it contributed not only to his own downfall, but to the downfall of Athens. The very traits that made Alcibiades an effective public figure also made him vulnerable to rumor. In the end, Thucydides himself excised rumor from his own histories because he came to see its destructive force
    • Can American Universities be Depoliticized

      Aiken, Henry David; Brandeis University (1970-01-01)
      Every institution in society is involved in politics, and the university is no exception. So the university cannot be depoliticized. The question is how, and to what ends the university should be involved in politics. The answer is determined by the task of the university, which is to educate men and women for life in a free society. This has some specific political implications.
    • From the Platitudinous to the Absurd

      Hook, Sidney; New York University (1970-01-01)
      Henry Aiken has misrepresented the history of the university, and the historical context of this debate. The university should be depoliticized in order to protect academic freedom.
    • The Academy IS Political

      Harcleroad, Fred F.; American College Testing Program (1970-01-01)
      The university is political as a matter of fact, and the people who hold the power are the people who have the money and fund the university. However, Henry Aiken is wrong about the history of General Education. It was not created for ideological purposes.