• Locating Consent and Dissent in American Religion: A Comment

      Glock, Charles Y.; University of California at Berkeley (1972-01-01)
      I agree with Professor Marty that denominational religion has on balance contributed more to maintaining social stability than to fostering social change in American history. However, I believe that this is because religion has offered direct ideological support for the status quo. It has done this by providing compensations for those who are ill served by existing social arrangements.
    • Some Impressions of Martin E. Marty's Paper: "Locating Consent and Dissent in American Religion

      Clements, Tad; The College at Brockport (1972-01-01)
      Martin Marty agrees with the Supreme Court that the American people are a religions people. In order to determine whether or not this is true, it is necessary to clarify exactly what it means. However, Martin Marty has not given us any account of exactly what this means, and thus he is in no position to assert it.