• Is the Feminist Critique of Reason Rational

      Martin Alcoff, Linda; Syracuse University (1996-01-01)
      Recent criticism of feminist philosophy poses a dilemma. Feminism is taken to be a substantive set of empirical claims and political commitments, whereas philosophy is taken to be a discipline of thought organized by the pursuit of truth, but uncommitted to any particular truth. This paper responds to this dilemma, and defends the project of feminist philosophy.
    • One is not Born but Becomes a Person: The Importance of Philosophical Mothering

      Whiting, Jennifer; University of Toronto (2006-01-01)
      Annette Baier is my philosophical foremother. This paper examines Baier’s views on such topics as personal identity and philosophical methodology. It also examines the idea of motherhood, and the various forms that it takes.
    • Where is the Woman in Feminist Theory? The Case of Aesthetics

      Hein, Hilde (1990-01-01)
      This paper argues that feminism, as a theory, is a pattern of thinking that is not fundamentally about women, although it begins with a gendered perspective. It is, rather, an alternative way of theorizing about a host of topics that include but are not limited to women.