Literary Onomastics Studies was published from 1974 to 1989 as “the official journal of the proceedings of the annual Conference on Literary Onomastics,” held during those years at SUNY Brockport or in Rochester, New York. The editor throughout that period was Prof. Grace Alvarez-Altman of Brockport’s Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, collaborating with various associate or co- editors from the English Department, as indicated in the annual issues.

In addition to these two departments at the College, the American Name Society became a sponsor of the annual conference in the early eighties. As the annual conference no longer takes place, the successor to Literary Onomastic Studies, the Journal of Literary Onomastics, has been publishing original articles in the field since 2011 and maintains its association with the College at Brockport and the American Name Society.

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