• 12. Medicaid Reimbursement for Long Term Care: Problems and Options

      Bozeman, Barry; Hug, Rick; Schryba, Paul; Syracuse University (1980-04-01)
      We shall attempt in this paper to present some of the more important problems associated with Medicaid reimbursement for long term care (LTC) and pose some strategies for attacking those problems. Since political values are important determinants of the way public policy problems are viewed, we shall begin our analysis by describing the values that have shaped the problem for us .
    • 13. Long Term Care: Medicaid Reimbursement Does High Cost Yield High Quality?

      Balk, Walter; Muscarella, Maria; Rosenthal, Jean; Sanders, Garrett; Albany State University (1980-04-01)
      This paper suggests a new focus for government policy in the providing of Medicaid services. To put it simply, the government needs to provide incentives (and sanctions) that make the business of caring for the elderly profitable to proprietary nursing home. Although "profit" and "quality care" are strange bedfellows, the government must adapt the Medicaid system to keeping them close (i.e., maintaining a positive relationship between profit and quality care) .