• Interpersonal skills and Facebook use among college students

      Rhodes, Darson; Sniatecki, Jessica; Rocco, Mary; Todd, Lauren; The College at Brockport (2015-04-01)
      The use of Facebook® among college students is prevalent, and its relationship with interpersonal skills is unknown. A cross-sectional design study using a convenience sample of undergraduate students enrolled in one of four sections of an upper-level nutrition course at a Northeastern, public university was conducted to investigate this relationship. Participants completed a paper survey containing items that assessed interpersonal skills, Facebook® use, and demographics. Data from 136 participants were analyzed to determine what, if any, relationship exists between Facebook® use and interpersonal skills. A statistically significant relationship was found between three pairs of variables: the Bergen Facebook® Addiction Scale total scores and a communication subscale, r(127) = -0.29, p < 0.01; the Bergen Facebook® Addiction Scale total scores and a conflict resolution subscale, r(127) = -0.34, p < 0.01; and the Bergen Facebook® Addiction Scale total scores and a total Interpersonal Skills Scale, r(127) = -0.25, p < 0.01. Given the inverse relationship of these variables, health educators may need to emphasize interpersonal skills to a greater extent than in the past; however, further research investigating Facebook® use and interpersonal skills should be conducted to better understand this relationship and determine whether or not it is a causal relationship.