• Substance Abuse Interventions: Catalysts for Change: Criminal Justice and Community Collaboration

      Metz, Gary; Lumb, Richard C.; The College at Brockport (2017-01-01)
      The premise of this book is to address the substantial number of people who enter the criminal justice system, accompanied by alcohol or substance abuse issues. Offering alternative and supplemental help impart value as it seeks to improve intervention, treatment, and prevention to the return to violence and personal harm. Interceding with individuals at this step in the process allows them to consider continued professional assistance to their addiction, and to refrain from criminality and seek out a more productive and fulfilling life. The added interjection by police and others in the criminal justice system substantially increases the potential for drug elimination to an addicted person. It takes place at an opportune time and serves a legitimate purpose. The intent of this book is to examine entry points for intervention and assistance to people entering or within the criminal justice system. This early intervention step begins with controlled implementation and seeks to engage the individual in a pathway forward that does not include drugs. The authors explore the opportunity, strategy, and models of intervention that bring promise to reducing substance abuse.