• Towards a Critique of Contemporary Aesthetics

      Sircello, Guy (1990-01-01)
      This paper distinguishes two sub-fields of aesthetics: the study of a certain kind of experience, which is “aesthetics” proper, and the philosophy of art. The last fifty years have seen a turn away from aesthetics proper, in favor of the second sub-field, the philosophy of art. This paper argues against that trajectory, and in favor of aesthetics proper.
    • Towards a Technoethics

      Bunge, Mario; McGill University (1975-01-01)
    • Towards a Theory of Punishment

      Bennett, Jonathan; Syracuse University (1980-01-01)
    • Tradition and Innovation: Metaphor in Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion

      Duhan Kaplan, Laura; University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2003-01-01)
      Philosophy aspires to be a radical discipline, with the power to critique existing social structures. However, the practice of philosophy as a discipline seems to be quite conservative, especially insofar as the terms of the discipline are established by a canon of philosophers from the past. How can philosophy be at once conservative and critical in these ways? The answer is that philosophers reinterpret the language they inherit in ways that both honor its older meanings and introduce new ones.
    • Traditional vs. Electronic Learning Environment

      Pelttari, Carole; Kaufman, William T.; The College at Brockport (2015-01-28)
      The traditional learning environment and electronic learning environment are quickly being blended into some curriculum's at the elementary level. Using the qualitative comparison study this paper analyzed what type of environment was most effective for an elementary student. Three students within a second grade classroom were chosen to be observed based on current levels of performances in the areas of English – Language Arts and Mathematics. Student behavior, engagement, and academic success were all concepts that were analyzed. Parent teacher conference notes were analyzed to determine if the electronic learning program was suitable for usage outside of school hours.
    • Tragic Error and Agent Responsibility

      Witt, Charlotte; University of New Hampshire (2005-09-01)
      The characters of tragedy are in some sense responsible for their errors. However, given their ignorance of the consequences of their actions, it seems that they ought not be held responsible by others for what they have done. This is a paradox. The way to resolve the paradox is to distinguish two kinds of agent responsibility: accountability and culpability. Being accountable is primarily a private affair, whereas being culpable entails the possibility of just punishment.
    • Training Cooperating Teachers to Conference with Students of University College of Education of Winneba during Teaching Practice

      Ocansey, Reginald T-A.; Amui, Harriet Naki; The College at Brockport (2000-08-01)
      The purpose of the study was to train cooperating teachers to supervise student teachers during teaching practice at University College of Education of Winneba. The University College of Education of Winneba Cooperating Teachers' Feedback Instrument was used to collect data. A total of five cooperating teachers and ten undergraduate students were utilized for the study. The cooperating teachers who had never done supervision of student teachers were trained to use The U.C.E.W-CTFI to collect data on student teachers' feedback which was used during conferencing to provide feedback on the student teachers' teaching. The baseline data and Intervention revealed that frequency and quality of feedback increased with cooperating teachers as well as the feedback of student teachers during their teaching.
    • Training Needs of New York State's Local Elected Officials

      Hattery, Michael R.; Lindstrom, JoAnn; State University of New York College at Brockport (SUNY Binghamton, 2010-03-01)
    • Training Needs of New York State’s Local Elected Officials

      Hattery, Michael R.; Watt, Celia A.; Footer, Dawn; State University New York, Brockport (SUNY Brockport, 2019-03-01)
    • Training of Self-Study Spelling Strategies and their Effectiveness on Fourth Grade Students

      Begy, Gerald; Lougheed, Judy A.; The College at Brockport (1980-08-01)
      The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of specific study strategy training as a method of improving self-study spelling strategies of average fourth graders. Forty-four fourth graders comprised the treatment and control groups. Two fifteen word banks were constructed to serve as pre and posttests. With no directions as to which study strategies to employ, students in both groups were asked to study word lists for 15 minutes. Following the allotted time, the groups were pretested. Group A then received ten minute treatments for five weeks. These treatments included activities which emphasized visual memory and the development of self-study spelling strategies. Following the treatment the groups were posttested in the same manner as pretested. At t-test of dependent means revealed a significant gain for both treatment and control groups. Further calculations, however, showed a greater gain was achieved by the treatment group. From the results it can be concluded that a program of training self-study spelling strategies can make a difference on the spelling study skills of fourth grade children.
    • Trans and Non-binary students navigating relationships

      Light, Lucky Summer; The College at Brockport (2017-07-24)
      This research involves understanding the complex ways Trans and Non-binary students navigate interpersonal relationships. Much research has been done on the positive impacts of enrolling students with diverse cultural and social identities. However, there is a lack of research that seeks to understand if Trans and Non-binary students are thriving on campus so that we can be certain how Trans and Non-binary students are doing. This project is conducted by a literature review to better understand the contribution of gender diversity to university campuses alongside understanding the complex and diverse experiences of Trans and Non-binary students.
    • Trans Women in 20th Century Spain

      Wright, Megan (2021-01-29)
      This essay explores the position of trans individuals in 20th century Spain as well as the presence and representations of trans women in Spanish cinema.
    • Transcendental Semiotics and the Paradigms of First Philosophy

      Apel, Karl-Otto; University of Frankfurt, Germany (1978-01-01)
    • Transfer RNA Associated with Rat Liver Plasma Membranes

      Scarpulla, Richard Carl; The College at Brockport (1974-01-01)
      Plasma membranes were isolated by differential and gradient centrifugation of rat liver homogenates. The isolation was monitored by assay of the plasma membrane marker enzymes 5’-nucleotidase, Mg2+ activated ATPase and alkaline p-nitrophenyl phosphatase. Gross contamination was estimated by electron microscopy and assay of the endoplasmic reticulum marker enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase. RNA was extracted from purified plasma membranes and aminoacylated with radioactive amino acids. The amino acid acceptor activity of this RNA could not be attributed to contamination with transfer RNA from other cell fractions or adherence of cytoplasmic low molecular weight RNA during the isolation. This is the first demonstration that transfer RNA is associated with purified plasma membrane.
    • Transfiguration: A Study in Intaglio

      Fisher, Debra; Kane, Maria; The College at Brockport (2018-05-01)
      Printmaking is an art form that reaches across millennia. Contemporary artists utilize the same practices and techniques as the earliest printmakers. In the same tradition, I have made a contribution to this art form by creating a series of etchings over the course of two years. These four pieces are representative of different aspects of my life and personality. The result of this project is a far more thorough understanding of the art form itself, including the technical skill involved as well as artistic ability. Undergoing this process has taught me the meaning of self-expression and its importance in my current and future work.
    • Transformation Project Using Geometer's Sketch Pad and TI - Calculator

      Jenkins-Cox, Marie; Machuca-Dall, Carolina; Sherrill, Reggie; Wooten, Yolanda; The College at Brockport (2006-01-01)
      Students will work for a company that specializes in creating company logos. The students will use their knowledge of transformational geometry to create a unique design for each company. Their design must consist of at least two types of transformations: reflections, translations or rotations. They will be given extra points if they can create their design using tessellations. Throughout this project, students will work cooperatively in pairs. They will complete two worksheets and their final project. Assessment of student understanding will be based on the completion of the worksheets and final project.
    • Transgender Employment Rights, Discrimination & Litigation: Expanding Understandings and Opening Doors

      Schroeder, Tambria; The College at Brockport (2016-01-01)
      The United States’ legal history shows a record of minorities being disenfranchised simply because of who they are. Humans do not have control over certain features, such as race, nationality, sex, gender, or physical ability. However, those who fall outside the “norm” of all of these things are treated as if they do, as if they choose to inhabit a specific race, sex, or disabled body. Given that lawyers and judges are just as much social beings as everyone else, they are not immune to these prejudices. Therefore, these sentiments often linger in courtrooms and are used in arguments to deny peoples some of their most basic rights. People within the transgender community tend to fall outside of society’s neatly constructed gender binary and, like so many other groups, face marginalization in various areas of social life for being different. From education to employment and marriage to incarceration, the trans community encounters discrimination almost every step of the way. In attempts to remedy these wrongs, many transgendered individuals have begun turning to litigation in recent years. There has been, and continues to be, a particularly high volume of cases filed regarding employment discrimination. While discrimination still runs rampant throughout society, the purpose of this paper is to introduce a brief history of the transgender movement and trace the extent to which four decades of litigation have redefined sex and subsequently improved employment rights for transgendered citizens in the United States of America.
    • Transient, Non-Axisymmetric Modes in Instability of Unsteady Circular Couette Flow

      Neitzel, G. P.; Kirkconnell, C. S.; Little, Leigh J.; Georgia Institute of Technology; The College at Brockport (1995-02-01)
      Laboratory and numerical experiments were conducted to quantitatively determine the modal structure of transient, nonaxisymmetric modes observed during the instability of an impulsively initiated circular?Couette flow. The instability develops initially as an axisymmetric, Görtler?vortex state and persists ultimately as a steady, axisymmetric Taylor?vortex state of different wavelength. The transition between these two states results from the instability of the Görtler mode combined with the underlying developing swirl flow and is dominated by nonaxisymmetric modes. The laboratory experiments employed flow visualization coupled with digital video and image?processing techniques; numerical experiments were performed using the spectral?element code,
    • Transitioning from Face-to-Face to Online with USER in Mind

      Rath, Logan; The College at Brockport (2017-01-01)
      This chapter focuses on how one librarian used the USER instructional design framework to redesign a seventy-five-minute, face-to-face information literacy session for the online environment.
    • Transitioning from High School: A Postgraduate Study

      Dunning, Krystal B.; The College at Brockport (2009-01-01)
      Individuals transitioning from college face many decisions about their future. Making these decisions is not always easy for some. The role of all individuals involved in a high school is to prepare students for life after high school. A review of past postgraduate data was explored as well as programs that have been implemented to help students transition. A postgraduate survey was given to past graduates of a local school. The results of the survey were examined. Recommendations for helping students transition were made.