• Dreams and Skeptics

      Sosa, Ernest; Brown University and Rutgers University (2005-11-01)
      This paper compares the relative merits of perceptual beliefs and introspective beliefs in the context of dream arguments for skepticism. It is argued that introspective beliefs are not epistemically privileged over perceptual beliefs.
    • Driven by Data

      Bedgood, Larry; The College at Brockport (2004-12-22)
      Students should enjoy the experience of creating/designing their forms on the computer using WORD and EXCEL software. Students will use calculators at first to sum and find statistics, and later use EXEL and should be able to conclude it was easier to use EXCEL because or the additional reporting opportunities. Students will be exposed to work in STELLA.
    • Drop into My Ocean

      Sutherland, Mark; The College at Brockport (2015-05-01)
    • Dropout: Students leaving urban high schools prior to graduation

      Mangini, Jeffrey K.; The College at Brockport (2012-04-01)
      Urban high schools in America are not generating the desired results; the low graduation rate in large cities must be addressed. Existing literature discussing the high school dropout issue is examined. Many factors contribute to school dropout, which has an impact on the individual and society. Several of the potential causes are examined and connections between multiple causes are noted. Quantitative and qualitative studies were used to create a complete view of this issue. Dropout prevention methods and programs are described, as is the role of school counselors in dropout prevention. A phenomenological study was also conducted to gain the personal perspective of individuals who dropped out of an urban school district. The specific goal of the research was to determine what factors contributed to students deciding to drop out of high school. Seven individuals participating in a General Education Diploma program shared their experience of dropping out of high school. Individual and small group interviews were conducted. The experiences reported were compared among each participant and were also related to the results of existing research. Results varied among participants, they reflected both the individual and the school community. Conclusions have been drawn and are reported as they relate to the role of a school counselor.
    • Dropouts: Who and Why

      Beers, Morris J.; Schlosser, Linda; Baker, Patricia E.; Previte, Kathleen Marie (1996-04-01)
      Dropping out of high school is a persistent problem among adolescents, with complex factors and consequences for both the students and their community. High school dropouts experience higher rates of unemployment and lower lifelong earnings. Prior to dropping out, research demonstrates a host of difficulties among students, including behavioral problems, low academic achievement, poverty, unplanned pregnancy, and unstable family life. Students who eventually drop out report feeling disconnected to school and are less engaged in extracurricular activities. This study examines the attitudes of a group of adolescents, including students expecting to graduate high school, students who have left school and plan to pursue a GED, and students who have dropped out with no plan to complete high school. The author administers a self-created survey to the respondents, including questions about attitudes towards school, family life, psychological issues, and other factors. Many results do not differ significantly between groups. However, dropouts cite a dislike of school and difficulty with teachers as reasons for missing school and for dropping out, while continuing students overwhelmingly cite sickness as a reason for missing school. Dropouts also cite frequent suspensions and poor academic performance prior to dropping out.
    • Drosophila Enhancer of Rudimentary Homolog, ERH, Is a Binding Partner of RPS3, RPL19, and DDIT4, Suggesting a Mechanism for the Nuclear Localization of ERH

      Tsubota, Stuart I.; Phillips, Anthony C.; Saint Louis University; The College at Brockport (2016-01-01)
      The protein enhancer of rudimentary homolog, ERH, is a small, highly conserved protein that has been found in animals, plants, and protists. Genetic and biochemical interactions have implicated ERH in the regulation of pyrimidine biosynthesis, DNA replication, transcription, mRNA splicing, cellular proliferation, tumorigenesis, and the Notch signaling pathway. In vertebrates and insects, ERH is nuclearly localized; however, an examination of the ERH amino-acid sequence does not reveal any nuclear localization signals. In this paper we show that the first 24 amino acids contain sequences necessary and sufficient for nuclear localization. Through yeast two-hybrid screens, three new binding partners of ERH, RPS3, RPL19, andDDIT4,were identified. RPS3 was isolated from both human and Drosophila screens. These interactions suggest functions of ERH in cell growth, cancer, and DNA repair. The ERH sequences necessary for the interactions between ERH and RPS3 and RPL19 are mapped onto the same 24-amino-acid region in ERH which are necessary for nuclear localization, suggesting that ERH is localizing to the nucleus through binding to one of its DNA-binding partners, such as RPS3 or RPL19.
    • Dueling Perspectives on School to Home Literacy

      Olmstead, Kathleen; Zimmer, Kimberly; State University of New York College at Brockport (2016-05-09)
      The purpose of this qualitative study is to research what the different perspectives are on how to enhance literacy at the home along with what home literacy strategies parents, teachers, and principals would like for the school or district to provide. The goal of this research study is to help inform ways to support my students’ parents in closing the school to home literacy gap. This study was completed through interviews with parents, teachers, and a principal in a suburban school district. Through my research, I have found some gaps in the strategies and programs the parents would like and those that the district and school already provide and would like to provide.
    • Dynamics of Steroid Secretions in Rats

      Chan, Stephen W.C.; Hasan, Abdelhamid Mahmoud; The College at Brockport (1985-06-01)
      In spite of the vast information available on hormone secretions and their levels in blood, there is a paucity of information in age related changes in the dynamics of steroid metabolism in male rats. Also, few investigations exist concerning the metabolic clearance rates (M.C.R.) of steroids in blood of female rats. This thesis consists of two parts, the first part deals with changes in M.C.R. in aging male rats and the second part in pregnant rats. It examined these changes relative to testosterone (T), estradiol (E_2), and progesterone (P), using the non-equilibrium single dose injection method. 3H-steroids were administered via the cannulated jugular vein. Sequential blood samplings were obtained up to 150 min. 3H-steroids were extracted, processed by Sephadex LH-20 column chromatography and the radioactive steroids were quantified with liquid scintillation spectrometer. Results were analysed by the computer using the 'peel-off' method for a two-compartment model. In aging studies M.C.R. and production rate of T were found significantly higher in young male rats when compared with aged rats. Half-life (t ½ ?) in the outer pool was significantly higher in the old rats than in young rats while t ½ ? in the inner pool did not change significantly between both aging groups. However, the M.C.R. for E_2 and P remained unchanged in both groups. Chronically castrated animals of both age groups showed significant decline in M.C.R. of T and increased in t ½ ? when compared with their respective intact controls. M.C.R. of T in young or old castrated rats previously injected with T were restored to values similar to those young intact rats. From these results it is concluded that the age-related changes in M.C.R. of testosterone are due to an interaction of testicular dysfunction and androgen status of animal. In the second part of the study, non-pregnant, pregnant (D-10 and D-20) and post-partum rats were used. The M.C.R. of E2 in D-20 rats was found to be significantly higher when compared with other groups. In post-partum rats the M.C.R. of E2 was significantly higher than those of non-pregnancy or D-10 of pregnancy. All values for t ½ ? of E_2 were found to be similar for all groups. t ½ ? of E_2 in D-20 was greatly lower than both non-pregnancy and D-10 gestation. However, the M.C.R. of P remained unchanged in all female groups. The fast component (t ½ ?) of P was significantly higher in post-partum than in D-10, meanwhile it did not change in other groups. The slow component (t ½ ?) of P was higher in non-pregnant rats compared with D-10, other groups remained unchanged. The M.C.R. of T was significantly lower in non-pregnant rats than in post-partum rats, other groups remain unchanged. t ½ ? of T was significantly higher in post-partum rats than in D-20 and D-10 of pregnancy. There was no change in t ½ ? of T between all groups. It is evident that changes in metabolic clearance rates of different steroids vary according to their respective roles in pregnancy reflecting physiological demands.
    • E-Book Readers: Exploration and Experiences

      Maxwell, Patricia E.; Little, Jennifer J.; The College at Brockport (2010-10-01)
      This presentation for the Rochester Regional Library Council described the Drake Memorial Library's experience with e-readers (Kindles). It features circulation and cataloging details, and user survey results.
    • E-readers, computer screens, or paper: Does reading comprehension change across media platforms?

      Margolin, Sara J.; Toland, Michael J.; Driscoll, Casey; Kegler, Jennifer Little; The College at Brockport (2013-01-01)
      The present research examined the impact of technology on reading comprehension. While previous research has examined memory for text, and yielded mixed results of the impact technology has on one’s ability to remember what they have read, the reading literature has not yet examined comprehension. In comparing paper, computers, and e-readers, results from this study indicated that these three different presentation modes do not differentially affect comprehension of narrative or expository text. Additionally, readers were not consistently compensating for difficulties with comprehension by engaging in different reading behaviors when presented with text in different formats. These results suggest that reading can happen effectively in a variety of presentation formats.
    • Eagle Diesel Environmental Impact

      Habberfield, Skyelar; The College at Brockport (2014-01-01)
      Environmental Impact statement for of The College at Brockport's Eagle Diesel project, weighing the pros and cons of biodiesel production and use.
    • Eagle Diesel Informational Flyer

      Habberfield, Skyelar; The College at Brockport (2014-01-01)
      Eagle Diesel is a student operated company, that is planned, developed, and operated with the goal of producing biodiesel for the campus. This flyer explains the overview and goals of the program, and details the requirements for being an officer of the company.
    • Eagle Diesel Initiative Aims to Reduce Waste, Power Campus Fleet

      Follaco, John; The College at Brockport (2014-04-09)
      A press release on the Brockport Eagle Diesel initiative.
    • Eagle Diesel Meeting Minutes Templates

      Habberfield, Skyelar; The College at Brockport (2014-01-01)
      Template used to take minutes at meetings of The College at Brockport's Eagle Diesel project.
    • Eagle Diesel Organization Chart

      Habberfield, Skyelar; The College at Brockport (2014-01-01)
      Initial organization chart of The College at Brockport's Eagle Diesel project in 2014.
    • Eagle Diesel Production Manual

      Habberfield, Skyelar; The College at Brockport (2014-01-01)
      Production manual created by The College at Brockport's Eagle Diesel project in 2014 detailing the process, safety concerns and testing needed to produce biodiesel in small quantities.
    • Eagle Diesel Quartersheet Informational Flyer

      Habberfield, Skyelar; The College at Brockport (2014-01-01)
      Marketing piece for The Eagle Diesel Project advertising for Executive and Associate positions in 2014.
    • Eagle Diesel Recruitment Flyer

      Habberfield, Skyelar; The College at Brockport (2014-01-01)
      An example of a recruitment flyer used in 2014 by Brockport Eagle Diesel: A Student Sustainability Business Lab.
    • Eagle Diesel Weekly Status Report

      Habberfield, Skyelar; The College at Brockport (2014-01-01)
      Business document used by members to prepare for weekly meetings of The College at Brockport's Eagle Diesel Project.
    • Earlier Detection of Antiphospholipid Syndrome

      Chesebro, Jennifer M.; Maertz, Michaela; The College at Brockport (2018-12-04)
      A 52-year-old man is sitting at home watching a baseball game when all of a sudden the vision in both his eyes went black. He described it as if someone pulled a “Venetian blind” over his eyes. He has a past medical history of aortic stenosis. He was taking Valsartan, Atorvastatin, B-12, Folic Acid, and Vitamin D-3 before the episode. He was prescribed Xarelto after the episode. It was found that he had an optical stroke. Since the pressure in the eye was relieved, partial eyesight returned. He now has full vision in his right eye, but only peripheral vision in his left eye. At first it was believed that the stiffened valve must have thrown the clot and it just traveled to the eye, but since the cardiologist refused to believe that it was his valve the actual cause was discovered, antiphospholipid disorder. It was found that the patient had elevated anti-cardiolipin antibodies that caused the blood clot to form. The patient’s life as a whole is now altered completely due to a preventable thrombolytic event. His children also had to be tested because this disease has a genetic component so it is not only him that is affected by this. If this man had been tested earlier for antiphospholipid syndrome then this whole event could have been avoided and his life would be different today.