• Tap Dance Choreography: An exploration of tradition and innovation

      Carrasco, Tammy; Silveira Karnas, Luiza; The College at Brockport (2018-04-01)
      Tap dance is a genuine American art form that has evolved from consolidated traditions to unexpected innovations in its technique and aesthetic. With awareness to social and cultural contexts, I aim to clarify the cyclical process between tradition and innovation in tap dance choreography. Through critical investigation of tap history, thorough study of the aesthetics developed by avant-garde female choreographers, and detailed description of my own creative process, I address choreographic possibilities in which tap dancing can evolve based on the relationship between tradition and innovation inherent to this dance form. With a research scope focused on women, this thesis also discusses about female role in tap throughout history and how choreographers like Chloe Arnold and Michelle Dorrance have achieved authority and recognition in the tap dance field. Ultimately, my purpose is to promote and cultivate tap dance making as an artistic process by fostering the dialogue between innovation and tradition in my personal choreographic investigation.