• A Clinical Assessment on the Role of the High School Athletic Director

      Stoldt, Kenneth Michael; The College at Brockport (1994-08-01)
      The purpose of this study is to examine the qualifications and methodologies of high school athletic directors working in New York State public schools which operate within the Section Five district. The study intends to identify tendencies which could prove to be the basis of strengths or weaknesses which are needed for the development of a successful athletic program. The study also intends to determine if there is a need for athletic directors to gain a higher level of professional preparation. This study hopes to offer many benefits. One major benefit will be to aid some practical solutions to the day to day athletic problems which arise. The second is to demonstrate the need for having a qualified person assume the role of athletic director. The intent of this study will be to survey the high school athletic directors in New York State Section Five District. The data will allow for closer examination of problem solving methodology, time management skills, organizational patterns, personnel qualifications, and many other characteristics of administration. It is believed that the data will provide evidence of similarities which exist between districts. After evaluating the data, one may be able to differentiate between characteristics as to their value to an athletic program or an administrator. Such data could prove to be valuable for an individual interested in pursuing a career in athletic administration. This investigation will examine the relationship between the position of athletic director and the personal credentials and/or job characteristics of the individual participants. Finally, several recommendations will be made for further research.