• Developing Epistemological Values in Students using Microsoft Excel(R) as a Software-Based Support Tool

      Hoppe, Katherine; Veronesi, Peter; Peck, David L.; The College at Brockport (2012-12-01)
      This thesis project addresses student epistemological values through technology and independent laboratories. The literature provides evidence that students show greater learning when they are prompted to reflect and develop these epistemological values (Davis, 2003 Demetriadis et al., 2011; Edelson & Kyza, 2005; Reiser & Sandoval, 2004). Furthermore, in conjunctions with research that supports prompting, other research advocates for the development and use of more modern technologies (Edelson & Kyza, 2005; Keengwe et al., 2008; Kuhn, 2001; Maddux, 1998). As such, my culmination project consists of two virtual “lab notebooks.” These notebooks are made using Microsoft Excel® and consist of several quasi-intelligent macros that not only provide instant feedback, but also help guide students through the experimental process in a way akin to inquiry. While a completed series of these notebooks would show more scaffolding as the year progressed, the two I have created represent a student’s first and last experience with these notebooks.