• "Base Betrayers": The Priests of James Joyce's Dubliners

      Withey, Carl; The College at Brockport (1980-01-01)
      This paper examines the priests in James Joyce's Dubliners and dis cusses the ramifications of their presence or absence in the stories, and their importance to the book as a whole. The basic goal will be to demonstrate that in Dubliners Joyce portrayed the Irish Catholic priest as a simoniacal Judas who sold out his spirituality and betrayed the Irish people. In "'Two Gallants" Joyce has Lenehan call Corley a "base betrayer" because Corley prostitutes himself for money. Although Corley is not one of the priests in the book, he clearly is a conterpart to them in his actions. This is why I have chosen as the title to my thesis "Base Betrayers: The Priests of James Joyce's Dubliners. " The first section of the thesis consists of an introduction to the history of Dubliners, a summary of Joyce's religious background, an examination of the religious views Joyce held as a mature writer, and finally, a presentation of his attitude toward his fellow countrymen. The second section discusses in brief the major the.themes and methods of Dubliners, their relevance to the priests of the book, and then examines the appearances of those priests in the individual stories. The third section scrutinizes the clerics of Dubliners as a group, and attempts to come to some final conclusions about their presentation.