• Inservice Education Needs of Physical Educators to Integrate Students with Handicapping Conditions into Regular Programs

      Winnick, Joseph; Peck, Dianne Carol; The College at Brockport (1981-06-01)
      Inservice education needs of physical educators to integrate students with handicapping conditions into regular programs were investigated. The Inservice Education Needs-Assessment Inventory (IENAI) and information sheet were mailed to two hundred physical educators who were members of the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (NYSAHPER). A total of eighty-four responses (42%) were received including nine responses which were incomplete. Results showed that physical educators have need of developing, in rank order, knowledge of: assessment tests; pupil placement and equipment alternatives; supportive services; limitations and needs of pupils; legislative implications; individualizing instruction; integration techniques and task analysis; first aid; and psychological functioning and their ability to determine present level of performance. Physical educators expressed little need for developing a knowledge of standards of assessment, or in developing a positive attitude toward students with handicapping conditions. A positive, but not statistically significant, correlation was found in the rank ordering of the category needs of physical educators as a function of having taught integrated classes or "special" classes, having graduate education in Special Physical Education or Special Education, having undergraduate education in Special Physical Education, or having attended inservice workshops. The mean scores for eight of the eleven categories of those physical educators who have attended inservice workshops were lower, however, (indicating less need) than the mean scores of those physical educators who have not attended inservice workshops.