• IB Mathematics Standard Level - Statistics Unit - Online Instruction

      Miles, Alexa (2020-05-15)
      This statistics unit is designed to be delivered 100% remotely for IB Math SL students. For our class, this was Unit 11. There are five lessons of content in this unit being, 11.1 Histograms and Boxplots, 11.2 Variance and Standard Deviation, 11.3 Probability Distributions and Expected Value, 11.4 Binomial Distribution, and 11.5 Normal Distribution. Each lesson consists of one Edpuzzle video for the students to watch and take notes on and one worksheet style practice assignment (informal assessment) for the students to complete. There is one formal assessment after lesson 2 and a larger (two-day) formal assessment after lesson 5. The assessments are typical exam style assessments. There are two days of review built in before the large end-of-unit assessment including a Quizizz game and a sheet of IB review problems. Each day should be about one hour of work time. Full delivery of this unit should take 10 hours.