• Rooftop Garden Ratatouille: Developing Plaza/Deck Library Greenspace

      Orzech, Mary Jo; The College at Brockport (2019-01-01)
      This chapter outlines a recipe for planning and implementing library plaza and rooftop greenspace.
    • Rooted in Community: A sustainable facilities design project for a universally accessible community garden

      Demmin, Sarah; Murray, Morgan A.; The College at Brockport (2019-05-10)
      The idea of a place that is welcoming to all members in a community and creates a space where the collective mindset is elevated comes to life in a shared garden. This project is a proposal and design plan for a community garden to be implemented on The College at Brockport’s campus. The garden is rooted in the college’s values of community, engagement, excellence, and transformation. It inspires cohesion among all social groups and provides a space for quiet reflection. Carefully attention is paid attention to environmental aesthetics and how it influences both community cohesion and campus attachment. This project is the beginning of a place that includes all, excludes none, and can be shared inter-generationally. Above all, this community garden is a reflection of what The College at Brockport strives to create with its “better community statement.”