• Somatic Value System for Life and its Integration into Dance Practices

      Maloney, Mariah; Good, Bethany; The College at Brockport (2015-05-15)
      As somatic practices become increasingly included in dance degree programs in higher education, it is important to understand how they influence teaching, dancing and choreographing. This thesis is an investigation in how dance practices are influenced by the integration of values defined through somatic practices. After defining somatics for the purpose of this work, the author’s personal somatic values are defined as the existence of truths in the body, a sensory component, and ease of movement. This work will demonstrate how somatic values can impact dance practices including teaching, performing and choreographing. Scientific knowledge and imagery are presented as supports for developing somatic integration. In addition to exploring the role of scientific knowledge and imagery in relation to somatic experiences, this work looks at dance professionals and scholars who have integrated their somatic ideals into dance practices. These professionals include Erick Hawkins, Eva Karczag and Jane Hawley. The work concludes with a written reflection by the author based on personal applications of somatic values into the creative choreographic process.