• Is Cursive Handwriting a Needed Skill for the Twenty-First Century?

      Begy, Gerald; Ferris, Margaret V.; The College at Brockport (1997-12-01)
      This study compared attitudes of elementary school teachers and secondary school teachers on cursive handwriting. The investigation included secondary and elementary teacher requirements of cursive handwriting and special education students’ requirement of cursive handwriting. The subjects were educators from a middle sized urban school district in Niagara County in upstate New York. The results of the study came from a researcher prepared questionnaire. The research found secondary and elementary school teachers to have similar attitudes regarding cursive handwriting being a necessity for the upcoming century. The discussion includes technology as well as opinions to support the teachers’ attitudes. The discrepancy between secondary and elementary teachers appeared with the requirement for special education students. Secondary teachers felt the requirement should be the same for all students regarding cursive handwriting. The elementary teachers, however, felt the need for making modifications in certain situations.