• Circumcenter of triangle using GSP

      Huot, Maria; The College at Brockport (2006-08-09)
      Geometric constructions are essential in the production of Technical Drawings which are precise, abstract representations of things. This lesson is part of a set of lessons in which students involved in a CAD based Technical Drawing course, would use both CAD and GSP skills to produce and revise mathematical concepts when producing geometrical constructions. The CAD base drawings are real world applications of the geometrical concepts learned.
    • Preparing an Architectural Survey – Drawing a Plot Plan Using GIS/GPS

      Huot, Maria; The College at Brockport (2006-08-10)
      Students will be able to: a. To define and differentiate the following terms: plot plan, survey, contour lines. b. To identify and plot the necessary points of a given lot using a GPS c. To identify the altitude of predefined points in a given lot using a GPS. d. Identify tree location and species in the lot. e. Evaluate the tree species that would bring environmental benefits to the family unit (house). f. To transfer the surveyed coordinates into a CAD system. g. To draw a plot plan of the lot using a CAD system. h. To transfer CAD drawings into GSI data maps. i. To transfer the landscaped plot plan into the GSI data file.