• The reliability of the New York Statewide Assessment Rubric for Badminton at the Commencement Level when used by a Master-Teacher, a Student-Teacher, and Peer.

      Carson, David Alan; The College at Brockport (2003-08-01)
      The purpose of this study was to provide physical education professionals with empirical data that supports the current literature on authentic assessment. The recent literature points out the benefits of authentic assessment: it encourages students to think and perform at a "higher level", relates to unit and curriculum goals, and it improves teacher and student accountability. A rubric is the most widely used authentic assessment tool in physical education and peer authentic assessment is a common assessment style. The New York Statewide Rubric at the Commencement Level in Badminton was the assessment tool used in the study and the students were assessed using peer assessment. Sixteen co-ed high school physical education students were involved in the study. A master-teacher, a student-teacher, and each peer used the New York Statewide Rubric at the Commencement Level in Badminton over a four day period. The results of the master-teacher, the student-teacher, and peers were put through a reliability analysis. The final statistical results support that the New York Statewide Assessment at the Commencement Level is reliable when used by a master-teacher, a student-teacher, and peer. Specific procedures and findings are presented along with a detailed discussion which includes future directions.