• #BlackLivesMatter: Intersectionality, Violence, and Socially Transformative Art

      Harrison, Denise A.; Bedford, Denise; Fong, Laura C.; Hoeptner Poling, Linda; Fields-Gould, Evonne; Kurahashi, Yuko; Kerr, Dianne; Blavos, Alexis A.; Community Member, Kent State University; Georgetown University; et al. (2019-11-20)
      This paper is designed to elicit dialogue on the impact of the #Blacklivesmatter (BLM) movement and be a call to action in the wake of murder and sustained oppression of the Black body in America. The paper focuses on the intersectionality of the BLM movement using art, “racial” analysis, creative pedagogy, and the theatre of the oppressed. Included is a monologue of a mother whose child has been murdered by a “peace officer” that leads the audience on an emotional journey. In addition, sobering statistics of documented murders of Black transgender women are presented, as are the health effects of discrimination. The language of oppression and its use in the media are explored, as is a discussion of socially transformative art. Finally, recommendations are made to continue to use art and theatre as tools to raise awareness of injustice and to promote social resistance.