• An Analysis of Factors Contributing to Anxiety in Athletic Performance

      Houston-Wilson, Cathy; Vanderhoof, James; The College at Brockport (2017-12-18)
      The purpose of this synthesis was to first investigate factors associated with cognitive and somatic anxiety among athletes. Secondly, this synthesis aimed to investigate the relationship between cognitive and somatic anxiety and athletic performance. An exhaustive review of the literature yielded ten studies that were relevant to this review. Six studies examined self-confidence in relationship to anxiety; two studies examined anxiety in relationship to age and experience; two studies examined anxiety in relationship to incentives; one study examined the effects of coaching style on anxiety; and one study examined anxiety in the presence of an audience. The relationships between self-confidence and performance show a positive linear trend and the relationship between somatic anxiety and performance show a curvilinear trend. Further research is needed in order to determine if anxiety can be a positive thing for some athletes. Additional research is also needed to exam continuing changes in athlete anxiety and how they can control this anxiety to improve their performance.