• A First Grade Student’s Affect and Self-Perception Regarding Literacy

      Pelttari, Carole; Saladin, Jami; The College at Brockport (2016-08-15)
      Abstract As I entered the first grade classroom, I sought out Jake who was working quietly near the window. I sat down next to him to get an idea of what he was working on and he did not look up once. I noticed he was writing about his favorite sport. As soon as I asked what his favorite sport was, we were able to have a lively conversation. He told me all about the Miami Dolphins and right away, I brought up that I was a Bills fan. From then on, we were always able to get back into focus by bringing Jake’s interests into his activities. He did not always put his full attention in his writing or his surveys, but if they involved his interests, he was on board. I slowly learned that as Jake saw a part of himself in his literacy activities, he was more engaged and confident. This, in turn, impacted his affect and self-perception regarding his literacy. Many components affect the process of how an emergent reader acquires literacy skills. Two major components that can have an impact on an emergent reader’s literacy skills are their affect and self-perception. The way a student views themselves concerning their reading and writing skills can impact the literacy skills that they acquire.