• Potential Model Calculations and Predictions for c¯s quarkonia

      Radford, Stanley F.; Repko, Wayne W.; Saelim, Michael J.; Michigan State University; The College at Brockport; Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (2009-08-12)
      We investigate the spectroscopy and decays of the charm-strange quarkonium system in a potential model consisting of a relativistic kinetic energy term, a linear confining term including its scalar and vector relativistic corrections, and the complete perturbative one-loop quantum chromodynamic short distance potential. The unperturbed wave functions of the various states are obtained using a variational technique. These are then used in a perturbative treatment of the potential to fit the mass spectrum of the cs system and calculate the radiative decay widths. Our results compare well with the available data for the spectrum of Ds states. We include a discussion of the effect of mixing and investigation of the Lorentz nature of the confining potential.