• An Analysis of Three College Writing Centers

      Parker-Hancock, Mary Anne; The College at Brockport (2001-01-01)
      The purpose of this thesis is to assist writing center administrators in managing the central issues present in many collegiate facilities through an in-depth study of three contrasting Rochester area schools, in order to design and execute a successful plan for a writing center on their campus. The intention is to provide the administrator with three models of writing centers that might be found at institutions of similar size and scope as the ones presented here. Those represented as part of the study include: a medium sized, four year, comprehensive college that serves a population of around 5,600 students; a major research-focused university of 7,400 students, which not only serves undergraduate and graduate students attending the university, but also a medical school, music school, and graduate level business school; and a two-year, liberal arts and technical community college of approximately 14,000 students, which serves a diverse population with particular attendees from an urban center. The project offers a brief history of post-secondary writing centers, their diverse goals and the student/faculty populations they serve. Data was gathered through on-site observation, and staff consultation and interview. Separate chapters are devoted to each institution with a final chapter for considerations and recommendations. In addition to the material presented in the body of this work, appendices provide a comprehensive chart comparing various aspects of the three centers studied.