• African American MSM and HIV/AIDS – Why It’s Not Just Behavior: A Literature Review, Examining the Institutional and Structural Causes of HIV/AIDS Prevalence Among African American MSM, Situated by Social Theories

      Parker, Chris DeVaun R.; The College at Brockport (2018-09-20)
      This literature review examines existing research, through the lens of social science theories, and as an alternative to individual behavior change models, to explain how structural and institutional elements can and do influence the disparate prevalence of HIV among AA MSM. Using the framework of syndemic theory, it highlights the structural elements and the confluence of multiple epidemics that compound to affect the prospect of delimiting the burden of the virus on this specific subgroup. For the sake of clearer sociopolitical context, it also uses critical race theory to highlight how the changing demography and political climate of the US jeopardizes the welfare state that might otherwise be useful in tackling this epidemic. Finally, this manuscript also offers suggestions on how to address these multidimensional social blockades to treatment and prevention for AA MSM.