• The Revitalization of Economically Depressed Cities: Engaging Youth in Urban Agriculture and Vacant Lot Beautification

      Corey, Mary E.; Paris, Jillian; The College at Brockport (2013-08-01)
      Large urban areas across the country have fallen deep into poverty while the surrounding ring of suburban areas continues to prosper. Vacant houses and lots, few shops and restaurants, and poverty-stricken residents are predominant features in major cities. But what can be done to improve life in these economically depressed areas? Focusing on youth is crucial; urban-based civic engagement programs designed specifically for youth can have the dichotomous effects of providing young people with new interests while showing them the possibilities of their actions. Not only can actively engaging youth in their communities attempt to break the cycle of poverty by inspiring them to achieve, but it can improve blighted cities as well.