• 10. Ethics: The Quality of Life

      Gonzalez, Litz; Palokoff, Kathy; The College at Brockport (1980-04-01)
      The quality of life for the elderly is something we all wish to improve; yet, there is wide disagreement on how this is to be done. In this chapter, the contributing authors address themselves to this question, and although they differ as to the means, there is an implied consensus on the end sought. Broadly speaking, the authors indicate that a quality life is one in which the individual considers himself and is considered by others to have not only a past but a meaningful future over which he has control. Furthermore, it is a life in which the individual is able to retain, wherever applicable and whenever possible, his connection to the activities of the family, the community and the work force. However agreement on goals does not extend to agreement on strategy. This chapter presents two views, two possibilities for an improved system of long term care for the elderly. First, there is an examination of long term care delivery under federal control and then a consideration of delivery under a state controlled system.