• Factors Affecting Retention of Students in Grades K-2

      Pace, Amy Katherine; The College at Brockport (2004-06-01)
      This study looked to investigate two things regarding student retention in grade. The first being the factors that influence retention and the second being the effectiveness of the practice. First, the researcher looked to see what factors influence student retention between kindergarten and third grade. This was investigated by using the cumulative folders of students currently in grades three and four. Their cumulative folders were used in order to find out if the student was retained and the reasons that were indicated for the retention. This data was compiled and put into a questionnaire to be completed by the first through third grade teaching staff. The staff was asked to rank order the factors from the cumulative folders in order by the way they look at them when considering retention. The kindergarten staff was also asked to participate in this study. They were to complete interviews containing questions regarding students in their classroom and whether or not they were retention candidates. Also, their beliefs regarding the effectiveness of retention were questioned. The factor most often used to recommend retention is academic performance. However, this is not the only factor that is looked at when retention is in question. In fact, the majority of academic factors such as effort, participation, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and homework completion are looked at and used to recommend retention just as often as the non-academic factors. Therefore, retention recommendations are not always made based solely on academic performance. In general retention is not an effective practice if it is not paired with some intervention program. The repetition of a grade and its curriculum is not usually beneficial for a student. The students who are being retained need more than just simply to repeat the grade level. They need more in terms of programs that will help them to achieve and excel in that grade level the second time through.