• Readability: A Study of Three Selected Stories from a Third Grade Whole Language Basal

      Begy, Gerald; O'Keefe, Susan T.; The College at Brockport (1991-08-01)
      The purpose of this study was to determine whether the readability levels of three third grade stories, that are found within a reading text, fall below or above the publisher's indicated readability level. The sample group consisted of 78 third grade children. They were assessed through the means of cloze tests. There were three different tests, each one containing a passage from the story in the text. Over the Mountain from the Impressions series was analyzed. Two readability formulas, the Spache and the Lorge, were utilized in determining the readability levels of the stories independently of the publisher. The data indicated a significantly higher readability level than the one assigned by the publisher. This study suggests that teachers should be cautious when choosing reading materials for their students. They should not assume that the readability level that is assigned by the publisher is accurate throughout the textbook. Some "collections of literature" that are found in basals may contain material that is at the students' frustration level more often than not.