• The Impact of Ostracism on Stigma Consciousness and Rejection Sensitivity

      Ratcliff, Jennifer J.; Neff, Kayleigh; The College at Brockport (2012-05-04)
      Previous research indicates that ostracism is a pervasive social phenomenon that affects four fundamental psychological needs (Zadro, Williams, & Richardson, 2004). The current study seeks to examine whether or not females experience heightened levels of stigma consciousness or gender-based rejection sensitivity through exposure to ostracism via Cyberball from outgroup members (e.g., males). Stigma consciousness was measured through the Stigma Consciousness Questionnaire (SCQ; Pinel, 1999), while rejection sensitivity was measured through the Gender-Based Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire (London, Downey, Romero-Canyas, Rattan, & Tyson, 2012). Fifty-four female participants composed the final sample. Results indicate that previous research was replicated, in that significantly lower levels of the four needs were reported. Changes in stigma consciousness levels from pre- to post-test did occur, but were marginal. No significant results were found with regards to gender-based rejection sensitivity. Limitations and directions for future research will be discussed.