• Student Attitudes Toward and Perceptions of Reading in a First Grade Classroom

      Navarra, Elizabeth M.; The College at Brockport (2011-05-01)
      The impacts on attitudes toward and perceptions of reading among first graders who were students of a scientifically-based reading program known as Treasures were investigated. The impacts on attitudes toward reading and perceptions of reading among first graders were investigated using multiple data collection tools. Students’ attitudes toward reading were collected through the Elementary Reading Attitude Survey (ERAS ; McKenna & Kear, 1990). Students' perceptions of reading itself and the reading process were obtained through individual interviews with each student using the Burke Reading Interview (Burke, 1987). The data were then triangulated through classroom observations that were noted on a double-entry observation form during whole group and small group literacy instruction, as well as small group literacy centers. Many different behaviors were observed during the study, including off-task behaviors, on-task behaviors, and helping behaviors. The results of the study indicated that students relied mainly on decoding techniques to figure out unknown words. There were little data revealing that students utilized reading comprehension strategies. The findings paralleled current research cautioning educators about the uses of “one size fits all” reading instruction and read programs that focused primarily on phonics and phonemic awareness instruction. The findings had multiple implications for educators and literacy professionals. Suggestions for possible methods include more reading comprehension instruction were made. In addition, suggestions for further research regarding the topic were made.