• Enhancing Self-Esteem of Sixth Grade Girls: A Group Counseling Approach

      Natasi, Nicole A.; The College at Brockport (2005-01-01)
      In a time where adolescent females are under internal and external scrutiny, this writer created and implemented a school-based program for middle school age girls. The program was designed to address and enhance the self-esteem among adolescent females. The curriculum focused on building self-esteem through establishing an acceptable body image, developing a positive self-concept, and forming healthy peer relationships. A review of the literature regarding the definition and societal impact on self-esteem among adolescent females was studied and incorporated into the characteristics of this program. An evaluation of this 10-week, 12 member psycho educational group was performed using the testing instrument known as the Piers-Harris Children?s Self-Concept Scale. The assessment tool was given as a pretest and posttest to evaluate the overall level of self-concept, as well as specific domains such as physical appearance, intellectual status, happiness and satisfaction, behavioral adjustment, anxiety, and popularity. The results of this assessment indicated that the ten week psycho educational group had a positive influence on student?s self-esteem.