• Coming out in Asian American Culture

      Lai, Audrey; The College at Brockport (2017-09-07)
      The purpose of this project is not to speak on the experience of all lesbian Asian Americans, but only the experiences of three lesbian Asian Americans: Sam, Jesse, and Sophie. The experiences of three individuals cannot be applicable to all lesbian-identified Asian Americans as their stories do not provide full understanding of the influential culture sanctions. This essay is merely an attempt to bring the invisible stories of these three women to the forefront, thus allowing the stories to become accessible so others can recognize that identifying as lesbian is not a betrayal of Asian American culture and identity. “Coming out” can manifest in whatever way feels natural, and the bond of family can help assuage the internal struggle of desegregating sexual and racial identity.
    • Disrupting the Lean: Performing a 2016 Declaration of Sentiments

      Schroeder, Tambria; LeSavoy, Barbara; Brown, Melissa; Love, Brooke E.; Rosen, Maggie; Ophardt, Brooke A.; Lai, Audrey; The College at Brockport (2017-12-06)
      Inspired by the spirit of disruption, this article narrates the making of a “2016 Declaration of Sentiments,” invented in a roundtable, “Disrupting the Lean: Performing a 2016 Declaration of Sentiments,” at the fifth Biennial Seneca Falls Dialogues (SFD). We open the essay with a brief theoretical overview that informs manifestos written in a feminist theory or senior seminar course that take up questions of gender equity, labor, and acts of resistance. We follow with excerpts from these manifestos as read in the roundtable, closing the essay with a “2016 Declaration of Sentiments,” collaboratively authored and recited by roundtable participants. Looking back but thinking forward, we give you our words and our voice as we seek to bring activism and agency back to Seneca Falls.
    • Our Voices

      Brown, Melissa; DeGroff, Julia; Fort, Rachael; Lai, Audrey; luxon, becky; Maldonado, Annette; Rosen, Maggie; Schroeder, Tambria; Tallents, Alise; Wilk, Amber; et al. (2017-09-07)
      Our voices are about rediscovering our curiosity and exposing that capitalism is the tragedy in society that distances women from equality.