• The Impact of a Mindfulness-Based Group on Anxiety in Sixth Grade Students

      Goodspeed, Patricia; Ingoglia, Carina; The College at Brockport (2017-04-01)
      This study examines the impact of a five-week mindfulness-based group on levels of anxiety in sixth grade students. Anxiety is a prevalent problem among children and adolescents. Research shows the need for early intervention for students dealing with anxiety (HirshfeldBecker & Biderman, 2002). Research suggests that mindfulness techniques are effective in decreasing anxiety in adolescents (Skorman Cicero, 2013; Semple et al., 2005; Napoli et al., 2015; Semple et al., 2010). Each group in this study included discussing the students’ anxiety concerns and practicing new mindfulness exercises. The group curriculum focused on paying attention to thoughts and feelings without judgment. Results show a decrease in overall anxiety levels among group members. Students also reported positive feedback about the group. This study provided further evidence that teaching mindfulness to students in schools can have a positive impact.