• Independent Student Literacy Activities: What Takes Place During Guided Reading

      Humphrey, Natalie Joanne; The College at Brockport (2009-12-01)
      This study investigates the independent activities teachers assign their students during Guided Reading instruction, as well as their rationale for choosing these activities and determining their efficacy. The research focused on elementary school students from a culturally homogenous rural, Western New York school district. The researcher used a variety of data-collection methods, including a brief survey, semi-structured interviews, and classroom observation. Fifteen teachers participated in this study, with all observations occurring within teachers’ classrooms. The researcher discovered several themes in students’ independent work, including working with a partner/small group, focusing on subjects other than literacy to address lack of practice time in school day, resisting compartmentalization of curriculum, and individuality in classroom implementation. Future research topics may include methods for tracking independent student accountability, students interrupting teachers, and the educational effectiveness of Computer Center activities.