• Correlations in Students’ Reading Behaviors When the Teacher Consciously Focuses on Relationship Building as a Primary Teaching Tool

      Pelttari, Carole; Hulbert, Jeremy A.; The College at Brockport (2013-01-31)
      Abstract This qualitative study explores the relationship between a teacher and students in an alternative classroom setting and how this relationship affected students reading behaviors. As the researcher, the teacher used multiple forms of data including a survey, teacher observations, students’ reading journals, and individual weekly conferences with students to determine how students viewed their relationship with their teacher and how this relationship affected students reading abilities. The researcher posed an overarching question of: What correlations can be observed in students’ reading behaviors within my alternative classroom when the teacher consciously focuses on relationship building as a primary teaching tool? The researcher collected and analyzed the data to find any correlations between the relationship built and reading behaviors students exhibited. Here, the researcher found and concluded that though no direct correlation could be found between relationship building and reading behaviors. However, the researcher also concluded that there are certainly positive affects on students reading behaviors that stem from the positive relationship built between students and teachers. The findings included relationships between student and teacher affect motivation to be a learner, relationship building affects reading behaviors, and motivation to be a learner results in improvement in reading. These three categories and closely linked and intertwined with one another. A positive relationship with students can further their motivation to read, thus improving their reading abilities. Knowing what has been learned from this study, the primary focus in the beginning of the school year should be to find ways to build positive relationships with students. It is imperative that students become motivated to come to school and to learn while they are there. Over time, hopefully this relationship blossoms into the students seeing the importance of learning, and seeing themselves as a learner and becoming reconnected to school.