• An Investigation of Public Library Summer Reading Programs: Examining Common Principles for Motivation of Leisure Time Readers

      Smith, Arthur; Hughes, Virginia; The College at Brockport (1990-05-01)
      This investigation was conducted by interviewing twelve children’s librarians, visiting nine summer library programs, and corresponding with two librarians to gather information about their programs. The purpose of the investigation was to research the commonalities in programs and the ideas that librarians use to motivate leisure time readers. This study describes some of the attributes of summer leisure reading library programs and identifies commonalities in their goals and program guidelines. Also examined was the range of possibilities for summer programs and ideas for implementation. From the information gathered in this investigation, it can be concluded that there are several commonalities to a successful summer leisure library program. The attitudes of the librarian are instrumental in drawing readers into the program. By matching personalities with interests and literature, modeling their love of books and reading, and using stimulating activities to accompany programs, librarians encourage participants to use the library. Librarians who view these types of programs as important have the most success with their programs.