• Independent Living Modeled with Stella

      Huff, Valerie J.; Leckinger, Allison; The College at Brockport (2005-03-01)
      You have graduated from high school and you want to live on your own. You are investigating different options for your living situation and expenses. There are several jobs you are considering and you must find one that will allow you to pay for all of your anticipated expenses without going into debt. The following model allows you to set up a personal budget based on how many hours you work a month and how much you make an hour. It also allows for overtime hours at a rate of time and a half. You include such anticipated expenses as housing, clothing, food, utilities, entertainment, phone, cable, and transportation. The graph and table allow you to see how much money you will have left each month for a year, given a specific budget set up by you.
    • Linking Abstractions in Math to the Real World

      Huff, Valerie J.; The College at Brockport (2004-10-29)
      Students use mathematical modeling/multiple representation to provide a means of presenting, interpreting, communicating, and connecting mathematical information and relationships. Students use measurement in both metric and English measure to provide a major link between the abstractions of mathematics and the real world in order to describe and compare objects and data. Students use patterns and functions to develop mathematical power, appreciate the true beauty of mathematics, and construct generalizations that describe patterns simply and efficiently.