• New Student Adjustment: A Group Experience for High School Students

      Hoy, Colleen; The College at Brockport (2005-01-01)
      A study was completed in a high school using all of the new students in grades 9- 12 to evaluate whether a group for new students would have an effect on connectedness and GPA. A pre-group survey was administered to all new students, and they were asked to rate on a scale from 1-5 how strongly they agreed or disagreed with four statements. They were also asked if they would like to participate in a group for new students. Students were separated into two groups, those who chose to participate in the group and those who chose not to participate in the group. Eight group sessions were held, and a post-group survey was administered to all of the new students after the group sessions had ended. Pre and post survey results, along with pre and post GPA were compared for each group separately to evaluate for change and then the groups’ results were compared with each other. Pre and post survey results revealed an increase in scores for three out of the four statements for the group that participated in the new student group. The results for students who did not participate in the group revealed a decrease in scores for all four statements. Both groups had an increase from pre to post GPA.