• A Fool's Journey: Poetry Through the Art of the Tarot

      Howell, Rachel; The College at Brockport (2010-01-21)
      As a medium, poetry often delves into the unknown, into the subconscious levels of our private and public selves. It is in that spirit it is almost identical to the art of the Tarot. Tarot has been used to represent the unknown, the foreseeable future, or, conversely, elements within the reader or client (if the cards are used in a divinatory purpose) of which they may or may not be aware. The purpose of this poetry collection was to delve into that unknown within myself, to use the art and lessons of the Tarot to create a collection that was kinematic . . . constantly moving in different directions without a particular reason. That is the essence of the Tarot, and the journey of life that the Tarot reflects; there is no set pattern to life, it is constantly changing. The turning points for the Fool within his journey through life are representative of the journeys we all must make, the shuffling of the cards, representative of the randomness of the world and the journey we take. It is with this random, uninhibited mindset that this collection is presented.