• Our Voices

      Walser, Anna M.; Gazda, Courtney; McNeil, Christopher; Mogavero, Taryn; Richens, Sarah Mae; Posluszny, Nicole; Tanner, Emily; The College at Brockport, State University of New York (2015-09-10)
      We invite you to join us, many voices as one, to challenge those systems that oppress us all. In this work we aim to discuss the place that we hold within our community, focusing on identity, choice, ownership, and the mass media. Let us dissent against the social limitations and expectations and raise awareness of the intersectional ties that connect all people. Through our own feminist research, we use Dissenting Voices to highlight the social issues of today.
    • The (de)Evolution of the Disney Princess

      Gazda, Courtney; The College at Brockport, State University of New York (2015-09-10)
      The Disney Princess franchise does a remarkable job of asking girls to picture themselves as princesses, reinforcing the question: What else would a little girl want to be? The reality of this Disney fantasy is one of gendering young girls to embody a social construction of hyper-femininity through misguided film representations and princess play toys. This research looks at media influences on girlhood through a close reading of the Disney princess. I argue that Disney has focused less and less on the genuine qualities and faithful morality of their princesses, and instead, on the prince-princess dichotomy of finding true love.