• Teachers’ Perceptions of Classroom Management Factors that Contribute to Stress and Likeliness to Seek Consultation from School Counselors

      Gallup, Kathryn L.; The College at Brockport (2010-01-01)
      This manuscript examines the various factors that contribute to classroom teachers’ stress as they relate to classroom management, and their likeliness to seek consultation from school counselors on such issues. This study takes place in a suburban high school were the participants were teachers. Participants were asked to rank their level of stress on eight factors which current research identifies as being the leading causes of classroom teachers’ stress, and how likely they would be to seek consultation from school counselors in regard to each stressor. Results of this study reflect the teachers of this high school do experience at least some level of stress and are very likely to consult with school counselors in instances of students’ behavior issues, students’ mental health needs and student involvement in harmful activities. However, the participants were not very likely to seek out school counselors in the other arenas.