• How is Response to Intervention Doing? A Self-Study Approach

      Pelttari, Carole; Daloia, Mary K.; The College at Brockport (2015-11-01)
      Response to Intervention is a multi-tiered intervention system being used in schools throughout the entire nation to help support struggling students. With educators obtaining jobs as academic intervention system providers and a large number of students receiving specific interventions, it is imperative that RTI is being checked for its effectiveness. This self-study was conducted to see how the personal efforts of an AIS provider were working. Over a six-week period, the researcher used the daily instruction and observations to search for three items: key components of RTI, which methods work during instruction and what needs to be improved. Although this is a relatively small lens to focus in on, this study is the beginning to an on-going need for RTI to be assessed. Assessing this program helps to make sure students are receiving the most effective and beneficial instruction to obtain success. This self-study gives insight to what many RTI providers are experiencing on a daily basis.