• A Curriculum Project on Quadratics Aligned to the Common Core State Standards

      Wade, Carol H.; Daily, Donovan J.; The College at Brockport (2012-10-01)
      This project illustrates a process of designing curriculum for the study of quadratics in Algebra 1, in alignment with the Common Core State Standards in mathematics. The process incorporates the body of research on student conceptions of quadratics and available techniques and technologies for the enhancement of student conceptions. The Algebra 1 course trajectory recommended by the Common Core is analyzed in light of the existing research, unpacked into learning objectives, and restructured to address key conceptual roadblocks synthesized from the research. The resulting curriculum capitalizes on technology, rich problem contexts, and students’ prior knowledge of linear relationships in order to build student concepts of quadratic relationships. The curriculum is sequenced from graphical to symbolic representations, wherein visual and dynamic models provide meaning to symbolic structures and manipulations. A six week instructional calendar and supporting materials are provided to support implementation of this curriculum project.