• Frederick Douglass and the Rochester Community

      Corey, Mary E.; D'Ambrosio, Sara; The College at Brockport (2014-08-28)
      The objective of this study is to determine the influence Frederick Douglass had on Rochester, New York in both the past and today. Beginning with an examination of research done on both the Reconstruction Era and Frederick Douglass, this study examines how Douglass played a crucial role in creating equality in the United States. Choosing to focus on elements other than slavery, there is an extensive look at the impact Douglass had in the areas of education, religion, politics, and global politics, and how his reach can still be felt in the present day. Following the research on the impact of Douglass on modern day Rochester, there is an application of this information and how it can be applied within the classroom. Specifically, it features a lesson comparing artist’s renderings of Douglass and how he influenced the art world and various time periods in American history. A specific lesson comparing two works of art focuses on developing students’ critical thinking skills as well as improving their content knowledge surrounding Frederick Douglass and the struggle for equality in the United States.