• A Global Mind is a Nurtured Mind: The Demand to Consider and Cure the Deprivation of Multicultural Education

      Giblin, Thomas R.; D'Ambrosia, Amber (2017-12-15)
      The leaders of tomorrow are the bright and knowledgeable students of today. The problem with how these students are being prepared for their role as future leaders stems from the lack of diversity in literature, and the overall lack of multicultural education in American public schools. The dominant narratives being published, circulated, and studied in schools do not appropriately reflect, nor appropriately engage the multifaceted population of students accessing the discourse. The United States must no longer be notorious for its belief in its own cultural and historical superiority, but instead should begin making strides toward evolving the educational experiences in the classroom into more multicultural, pluralistic experiences. In order for students to progress, the literature being published, and the materials being studied in school must do the same. Students and teachers both need exposure to a variety of cultures over the course of their studies in order to be confronted by what they do and do not understand. Human beings should interact with the familiar and the unfamiliar in order to develop into well-rounded, open-minded, informed people.