• Teen Pregnancy, Self-Esteem, and their Relationship in an Urban High School

      Curran, Robert P.; The College at Brockport (2005-01-01)
      A prospective study examining the relationship between teen pregnancy and selfesteem was taken with 113 urban upstate New York students aged 12 through 19 years. Utilizing the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Inventory and a questionnaire of demographic and attitudinal information yielded a limited, to no significant relationship between pregnancy and self-esteem. The study however did show a pregnancy rate of 8% current to administration and 22% of teen females who reported “ever” being pregnant. The sexual activity experience rate was nearly 70% for these teens, with limited access to that resolve (pregnancy to term or abortion). Further research implications and areas of study are discussed as well as salience of self-esteem as it relates to pregnancy, sexual activity, and socio-economic status. Implications for counseling interventions are also discussed.