• Out of Many

      Campbell, Allora; The College at Brockport (2013-01-28)
      Out of Many is a thesis collection which examines the themes of family and farm life. As the oldest of ten children, a homeschool graduate, and a farm girl, the intricacies of familial relations, in addition to the bonds to animals and the land itself, all played a vital role in my formation as a writer. Out of Many is a reflection of those influences and consists of a critical introduction and two short works of fiction, "Chasing Kathleen" and "Anna's Dog." The "Critical Introduction" offers an explanation of my literary influences and the stylistic choices which shape each story. The stories themselves, although fictional, are based extensively upon actual events and concentrate upon the relationships between two sets of sisters. "Chasing Kathleen's" narrator, Kim, struggles with an impending separation from her younger sister, Kathleen, as Kathleen prepares to leave for college and Kim remains to work on her family's farm. "Anna's Dog," through the eyes of Bernadette 'Benji' Barton, depicts a strained relationship between Benji and her distant older sister, Anna, when Anna decides to bring home a dog without parental approval.